ALL PRODUCTS ARE SOLD BY VOLUME; therefore, you get the same amount every time. Don’t buy water!! Product delivered; paid for in advance and placement marked so we stay on schedule! Thank you! We special order plants with a 50% deposit.



We sell by VOLUME, not weight. WHY? Because different rock absorbs water at a different percentage 5% unto 30% moisture. By buying volume you get the same amount wet or dry consistently! EXAMPLE: 1 yard of Alabama Sun Gravel weights 2,860 lbs.

Mulch and topsoil are sold by the scoop and we heap our scoop to where it’s a yard or more than a yard or so. The coverage of a scoop of mulch is a 10’ x 10’ square feet 3 inches deep or 100 square feet 3 inches deep. Gravel is sold by scoop approximately more than ¾ yard up to a yard or depending on the gravel or more. Coverage is approximately 100 square feet at 2 to 2 ½ inches per scoop of most gravel.

Pallet of edging stone linear covers one pallet will weight approximately one ton and the coverage 12 to 15 foot long 1 foot tall. Pallet of strip ledges approximately 1 foot tall by 35 to 50-foot long. One pallet patio stone will +/- ton pallet coverage approximately 10 x 12 = 120  square feet depends on size of gaps.